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Audio Visual (AV)
Production Service

With years of experience in audio & visual (AV) production services, Alpha Project will provide you with a perfect and cost-effective lighting and audio & visual production service. Lighting and sound rental services include stage lighting, audio & visual production and rental, conference lighting and sound system rental, party or stage event lighting and sound system rental, etc. We also provide special lighting and sound effect services, such as projection lights, moving head lights, lasers, mirror balls, etc.

Our audio & visual production elite team is responsible for designing and installing lighting and sound equipment for clients in order to achieve the desired effect of your activities.

Lighting, AV Production and Rental for Different Event Occasions


Alpha Project is an AV production company that specializes in providing lighting, audio and visual production and rental services, including speaker PA systems, lighting equipment, AV projection, and DJ equipment. Whether your event is a conference, exhibition, school drama, live performance, festival or personal gathering, we can guarantee to help you at any time.

As a professional lighting and AV production company, we provide one-stop service, including audio & visual production services, delivery of lighting, AV equipment, setting up of lighting and AV facilities, arranging sound engineers and lighting engineers for on-site adjustments, etc., making the whole event smooth and successful.

We will regularly do the testing and inspect all of our lighting and AV systems. All equipment has been professionally tested to ensure that we can provide high-quality lighting, audio & visual production and rental services every time.

The lighting, audio & visual production and rental service can be provided on a daily, weekly or long-term basis.

Lighting System and AV Production Rental for Indoor Activities

Our lighting, audio & visual production and installation services include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Will do. All lighting and audio equipment will be deployed and operated by our team of engineers and technicians to ensure that all lighting and audio equipment can operate normally and provide the best quality to clients.
If you need lighting, audio & visual production and rental services, please contact us first and tell us your event date and details. We will then arrange relevant lighting, audio & visual equipment. After your consent and confirm the rental service with us, we need to check if there is enough lighting system and AV production equipment on the date of your event/project. If you want to know more about the availability of lighting and audio equipment, please contact us for inquiries, we will offer you the best quote and services.
As a professional lighting and audio company, we will help you decide which lighting, audio and visual equipment is most suitable for your needs. Please feel free to contact us and let us know about your project. Our professional team will provide you with suggestions and quotations to ensure You can get the service you need.
Yes. All lighting, audio & visual production services include the delivery of equipment to the event venue and the return to our company at the end day of the event. The delivery cost will also be included in the quote provided. If you want to know more about it, please contact us for more information.
We understand that your event may be changed or cancelled. Please notify our team at least 10 working days in advance to let us rearrange the equipment rental and reduce the manpower cost as early as possible. The client may need to fulfil the payment of the whole service if the notification is less than 10 working days. For more details of the cancellation policy, please contact us.