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How to turn the empty stage into a magical, splendid performance? The stage is full of performers’ hopes and dreams and their enthusiasm for what they like. However, in this challenging industry, in addition to the performers’ own abilities, professional stage production and design definitely affect the success of a performance.

In order to make the best performance, stage theme, design, lighting effects and audio are indispensable. The concert production company is helping clients and performers provide backstage support, handling various stage cumbersome tasks, and allowing performers to focus.


Alpha Project Stage Production and Concert Production Services

Alpha Project is a well-experienced stage design and concert production company. Our team is excellent in concert planning, concert and stage production. No matter which venue the client is planning to hold the performance or in any form, we can always provide support and professional assistance to make it a success. We can visualize an abstract concept and make it into a real performance. We customize the concert production service that meets your expectations in accordance with the conditions of the venue and the budget.

The backend team of Alpha Project consists of a group of professionals who are responsible for all aspects of concert production & stage production, such as audio control, lighting control, stage supervision, etc. During the entire stage production and planning process, we will follow up the whole process and always communicate with clients, aiming to present your creativity in front of the audience.

Are you worried about not having enough knowledge of concert production?

Alpha Project will be your strong partner and provide all kinds of assistance. Contact our team immediately for more detailed information about stage production. Are you ready? Get prepared for the magic that happened on the big stage!


Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to determine the theme and the crew. Then to prepare the content of the performance, including costumes, props, and other resources. Finding a concert production company to help could give you an ease. After that, you can focus on rehearsals and preparation for the performance.

Perfect planning and coordination can make the performance a success. When designing a stage, you should consider the layout of the stage and other aspects such as lighting and audio effects, the height of the stage, mechanisms, etc. Lighting and audio can create an atmosphere, and the height of the stage also determines whether the audience can watch the performance from the best angle. A concert production company should have rich experience in all these areas and create stunning stage effects for audiences according to the client’s needs.
In addition to paying attention to the stage effect, safety issues are one of the important things that you need to pay attention to. For example, performance on the lifting platform, hanging wires, staircases on the stage etc. We have to make sure everything is safe for performers. When choosing a concert production company, you can pay attention to whether they provide a comprehensive emergency measure.
An excellent concert production company should have the following three characteristics: Rich experience, Good at communication and Enthusiasm for the work to be done. An experienced concert production company understands the operation of the industry and knows how to use stage facilities to produce a fascinating performance. A concert production company that is good at communicating could bring the best to the client and their audience. We understand the needs of the client and facilitate the production process among various internal and external parties. A dedicated concert production company can provide a stunning stage design to surprise the audience and make a good show.
Please inform us as soon as possible if you have any amendments regarding your concert. We may try to manage and make arrangements to fulfil your needs. However, the rearrangement has to be made depending on the time and resources we have. Please note client has to bear the extra cost in any of the amendments to be made.
The cost for each concert production may vary depending on the venue, human resources, materials, and equipment used. Contact us and let us know what elements you would like to include and the budget you expect. We can give you a quote with every essential listed.
If your event is suddenly cancelled and you do not need the LED Wall Rental service, please notify us at least 10 working days in advance. If the notification is less than 10 working days, we may need to charge you for the extra handling fee. Please contact us for more details.
As mentioned above, you need to inform us of the cancellation at least 10 working days in advance. For the refund, you have to contact us and we will evaluate the agreed service process. If you would like to know more about the refund policy, please feel free to contact us for more information.